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Diesel engines are more durable and fuel efficient than gasoline engines but can pollute significantly more.

Off-road engines with diesel exhaust are used in an extremely wide range of applications, each involving great differences in operating characteristics, engine technology and market dynamics.

Today, emission standards exist for nearly all types of off-road engines, equipment and vehicles with diesel exhaust. A number of these standards apply to the categories shown below.

Our off-road applications to reduce pollution include:

Because construction equipment can last 25 to 30 years, it will take many years before existing equipment is replaced with new, cleaner equipment that meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

When mining vehicles operate non-stop, underground in poorly ventilated areas, they present challenging and important environmental concerns. If untreated, the diesel exhaust being emitted from these vehicles is inhaled by the operators before dissipating.

Ports and Marine
Globally, ports have high vehicle densities and represent some of the worst air quality.

Stationary Power
Stationary power generators are one of the largest sources of harmful, oxides of nitrogen, or NOx.

Material Handling
Many of the more than 90,000 off-road large spark ignition engines in California have no emission controls and some remain in operator fleets for decades. Just one uncontrolled engine can emit as much hydrocarbon (HC) and NOx in three, eight-hour shifts as a new car certified to California's cleanest emission standard does over its entire lifetime.

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