Applications - Europe

Off-Road: Generator Sets

Custom-designed systems that reduce harmful emissions in the most stringent applications.

Stationary engines on land and at sea require emissions control technologies that outperform general aftermarket-grade devices. Generator sets in crowded or sensitive environments such supermarkets, hospitals or facilities producing sensitive products must optimize their power output while keeping harmful emissions to an absolute minimum.

This is why CDTi offers retrofit emission control systems custom-designed from our standard parts list to meet the requirements of your specific application and its environment. We frequently recommend technologies, such as the highly-efficient Purifier AZ diesel oxidation catalyst, or a diesel oxidation catalyst combined with a diesel particulate filter, such as Combifilter®.

CDTi is the emissions control provider of choice for several stationary engine manufacturers and their installation contractors worldwide.

Click here to find out more about our emissions control products and technologies or you can contact us directly for additional information or to discuss your application. Our brochure discussing stationary engine applications is also available for download.