Applications - Europe

On-Road: Buses, Municipal Vehicles & Passenger Cars

Reduce emissions from on-road vehicles and provide immediate health benefits to the local population.

Over the past decade, the world has seen steady growth in the number of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Diesel remains the dominant source of power for heavy duty trucks and is now widely-used in lighter duty on-road vehicles as well.

Because exposure increases exponentially with proximity to the source, reducing emissions with retrofit emissions technologies in the vicinity of people provides critical public health benefits and minimizes a person's exposure to these harmful emissions. The combination of innovation in emission technology, along with tougher regulations, has resulted in significant reductions of harmful exhaust emissions.

The field-proven and European environmental agency-approved technologies from CDTi, including Purifier e4, Purifilter®, Combifilter®, Platinum Plus® fuel-borne catalyst and others, have contributed to this improvement.

We continue to offer advanced emissions control solutions to automakers for all on-road applications, and retrofit solutions for existing equipment such as buses, municipal and emergency vehicles as well as taxis and urban delivery vehicles.

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