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Unikat Combifilter®

Efficient filtration with freedom from duty cycle requirements.

Unikat Combifilter® is an integrated diesel particulate filter and silencer, which typically removes more than 90% of diesel particulate matter from engine exhaust.* The filtered particles (soot) are stored in the filter until the vehicle is plugged into a wall-mounted regeneration station on a daily basis either once a work shift (8 hours), or overnight. The S model regenerates in 40 minutes. The Combifilter® media and system design are well-tested and field-proven.

Combifilter® functions independent of exhaust temperature and duty cycles. All models can be ordered with an exchange system (regeneration externally with filter change-out) for shift work.


The Combifilter® can be further combined with an AZ diesel oxidation catalyst for the reduction of the gaseous pollutants CO and HC. The AZ diesel oxidation catalyst can either be built into the filter outlet or mounted separately upstream of the filter. The filter replaces the original silencer and is installed, horizontally or vertically, on a suitable place on the vehicle.

Combifilter® Model S

  • Based on silicon carbide (SiC), a material with superior durability
  • Ideal for heavy-duty driving conditions
  • Regeneration time 40 minutes
  • Can be combined with the EZ or AZ diesel oxidation catalyst
  • Approved by VERT, ARB, AVL/MTC and TGRS 554

Combifilter® Models V and K

  • Based on silicon carbide (mod K) or cordierite (mod V)
  • Can be combined with the EZ or AZ diesel oxidation catalyst
  • Model K is ideal for heavy-duty driving conditions
  • Model V is ideal for low load and regular driving conditions
  • Regeneration time 8 hours
  • Approved by VERT, ARB, AVL/MTC and TGRS 554

Unikat Combifilter® — Regulatory Certifications

Brochures for CDTi's Combifilter® system are available for download in English, German, Finnish, Swedish and French.

*Current verified technology reduction values are dependent upon the specific engine type and application.