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Purifier e4

Reliable and durable particulate filtration, for on- and off- road diesel engines.

Our family of Purifier e4 diesel particulate filters provides a complete range of particulate matter reduction solutions to suit your vehicle and driving profile.  Purifier e4 also delivers improved fuel economy, while meeting stringent Low Emission Zone (LEZ) regulations. The patented Purifier solution combines durable filter hardware with a choice of catalytic technologies to suit your driving style and duty cycle. This allows operation over a much greater range of conditions than the competition and traditional filter solutions, especially in low temperature applications.

Purifier e4 diesel particulate filter systems reduce particulate matter emission by up to 98%* and achieve phase 4 LEZ compliance for engines pre euro through to euro3. The range comprises:

  • A robust Silicon Carbide (SiC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) substrate for durability.
  • A range of regeneration technologies to create reliable filter regeneration and system performance across a variety of possible applications and operations.
  • A common electronic control platform known as iAD, allowing for individual system upgrades within the Purifier e4 range.

The Purifier e4 range uniquely brings together three popular regeneration technologies offering choice and peace of mind.

Purifier e4 Hybrid
The Purifier e4 Hybrid is a DPF system which provides the best possible passive regeneration performance. It is optimized for Euro III engines operating inside the M25 and backed up by CDTi's "Performance Guarantee."

Purifier e4 Highway
Purifier e4 Highway is a DPF system utilizing CDTi's unique MPC® technology (a sinter-resistant precious metal catalyst). The product provides a durable, high performance, low maintenance solution as well as an upgrade option to Purifier e4 Hybrid. It is used by fleets in mixed and highway operating conditions. This allows LEZ compliance at a fixed cost while maintaining flexible modular upgrade options if operating conditions alter.

Purifier e4 Urban
This fuel-borne catalyst (FBC) system utilizes CDTi's Platinum Plus® FBC technology. Platinum Plus® delivers catalytic properties without the need to use valuable precious metal coatings on the DPF. The result is a wider operational and application range for DPF's in general and allows LEZ compliance at a low initial purchase price, while maintaining an upgrade option to Purifier e4 Hybrid, if required.

Purifier iAD Diagnostic Technology
Purifier iAD diagnostic technology is an 'Intelligent Additive Dosing' and diagnostic technology used in retrofit applications. It is designed to minimize operating and maintenance costs, offering integrated vehicle and DPF diagnostics and when required, fuel-borne catalyst dosing. The Purifier iAD monitors both DPF and customer defined vehicle parameters. In addition to in-cab alerts, the iAD system utilizes a GSM-radio enabled ECU which can be fitted with a SIM card to deliver real time diagnostic signals via SMS messaging when maintenance attention is required. It is also programmable and capable of delivering on-demand diagnostic information remotely, via any mobile handset or SMS browsing software.

*Current verified technology reduction values are dependent upon the specific engine type and application.