About Us


CDTi is a cleantech emissions control company that designs, develops and manufactures sustainable solutions to reduce emissions of on- and off-road engine applications.

We are a leading global manufacturer and distributor of heavy duty diesel and light duty vehicle emissions control systems and products to major automakers and retrofitters.

Our business is driven by increasingly stringent global emission standards for internal combustion engines, which are major sources of a variety of harmful pollutants.

Work with a cleantech company that:

Knows How to Reduce Emissions

Our solutions significantly reduce four of the principal, harmful emissions formed by the combustion of fossil fuels and biofuels. These include:

  • Particulate matter (PM) or “soot” that contains over 40 known cancer-causing compounds according to the California Air Resources Board, or CARB

  • Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) produces smog

  • Hydrocarbons (HC) a precursor to ground-level ozone, a serious air pollutant known to cause adverse health effects according to the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) reduces oxygen delivery within the body

Our two primary divisions know how to reduce emissions. Our Heavy Duty Diesel Systems Division specializes in the design and manufacture of verified exhaust emission control solutions. And our Catalyst Division produces catalyst formulations for gasoline, diesel and natural gas-induced emissions.

Meets Global Air Quality Standards for Emissions Reduction

Deteriorating air quality and concerns about climate change are driving global regulations for control of harmful combustion emissions.

According to the EPA, motor vehicles are responsible for nearly one half of smog-forming volatile organic compounds (VOCs), more than half of NOx emissions and about half of toxic air pollutant emissions in the United States. Motor vehicles, including off-road vehicles, account for 75 percent of CO emissions nationwide.

Regulatory standards have been adopted worldwide to control the emissions of NOx, PM, CO and carbon dioxide (CO2) from on- and off-road, internal combustion engine exhaust.

Because standards put in place by the EPA, CARB and other international regulators continue to become more restrictive over time, we view the markets for our products as continually expanding.

Provides a Clean Diesel Difference with a Complete Emissions Reduction Solution

As a vertically-integrated company, CDTi was established in 1994. In 2010, we completed a business combination with Catalytic Solutions, Inc. with our principal objective being the worldwide deployment of technologies to reduce overall emissions from diesel, gasoline, natural gas and bio-fuel applications and to continue a leadership position in emissions control technology.

Thanks to our strategic acquisitions, CDTi provides over 35 years of vehicle emissions control experience. We offer one of the industry's most field-tested portfolios of EPA-approved and CARB-verified systems for use in engine retrofit programs, as well as by regulators in several European countries.

Our Heavy Duty Diesel Systems Division products include those for the retrofit replacement and OEM markets. We sell these products directly and through our distributor/dealer network. Technologies developed by our Catalyst Division are highly differentiated from competitors because they offer similar or better performance while using comparatively little or no precious metals. Our Catalyst Division has supplied over 11 million catalyst parts to light duty vehicle customers since 1996.

With headquarters in Oxnard, California and operations in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan and Sweden, our cleantech company has a unique perspective on global solutions for emissions reduction. Backed with regulatory verifications and approvals, we have created a suite of products that are cost-effective, sustainable and used with proven success in new equipment and retrofit applications, including the following markets:

Our proprietary Catalyst division products are manufactured at our facility in Oxnard, California, while our Heavy Duty Diesel Systems division products are manufactured at our facilities in Thornhill, Canada and Malmö, Sweden. We have numerous distributors globally.

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