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Work with a leading provider of emissions control technologies and products that has a successful record of reducing emissions with minimum impact on daily fleet operations.

Case Studies

Bay Area Air Quality Management - Port of Oakland, California
Read how CDTi emissions control products helped to save dozens of small trucking businesses while reducing emissions from over 600 diesel drayage trucks within the Port of Oakland by approximately 85% in six months.
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Maryland School Bus Retrofit - Montgomery & Prince George Counties, Maryland
Learn about how CDTi emissions control products helped reduce childrens' exposure by 85% to harmful airborne diesel pollutants - including carbon monoxide, particulate matter and hydrocarbons.
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DATTCO School Bus Project - New Britain, Connecticut
Discover how CDTi combined DPF and fuel-borne catalyst technologies to help DATTCO dramatically reduce harmful emissions from busses across 12 school systems with minimum impact on maintenance and operations.
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Lane Regional Air Protection Bus Project - Central Oregon
Read how CDTi helped protect children from harmful emissions of particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons with emissions control products that had almost no impact on bus fleet maintenance operations.
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"You guys had the best reductions for an EPA-certified maintenance-free device out of the competitors. Dana Brewster at CDTi was there when I needed him. He came out and took measurements on the trucks, held workshops, worked with the local installers to make sure they were keeping up their end of things, and really helped a lot to increase our air quality letter grade."
John Parker, Sr. Environmental Specialist - Environmental Protection Division, Air Quality Management Section

"Extremely helpful, cooperative, understanding. Environmentally sound use of stimulus funds."
Gary Kaplan, Accountant IV, Cook County Environmental Control, Chicago, IL

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about everyone I've dealt with at CDTi and Emissions Retrofit Group - from the technical people to sales and installers/distribution. They are accommodating; they handle any concerns we've had promptly; and most importantly; keep our equipment functioning. This has been a superior product in every sense. It's been trouble-free; it's doing the job of reducing emissions; the cost for initial set-up and installation was reasonable; ongoing maintenance is minimal.and it works well."
Wendy Sylvani, Executive Director, Emeryville Transit Management Authority, Emeryville, CA

"I like the CDTi product as it is very user friendly. The Combiclean is a great cleaning machine."
Sam Pence, Heavy Equipment Mechanic Leadworker, CalTrans Shop 03, Marysville, CA

"Equipment was delivered on time and intact; kits were accurate and complete; support was good from CDTi staff. Installations were done properly through CDTi's local distributor."
Mike Bower, Assistant Maintenance Manager, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Cleveland, OH

"Quality of each product is good. There is minimal maintenance with CCV."
Robert W. Hutchins, Supervisor, Vehicle Maintenance, Pinellas Country Schools, Largo, Florida

"We contacted CDTi Regional Manager David Secord who traveled to Messer Construction to inspect the proposed fleet of equipment, made an analysis of the equipment "most suitable" for an CDTi emission reduction solution and provided outstanding technical and logistical support to our grant program. As a direct result of our previous grant project success we competed for and obtained a $2 million grant in 2009 which we are currently administering in partnership with more than 20 AGC of Kentucky member companies including Messer Construction and CDTi."
John Brazel, Assistant Executive Director, Associated General Contractors of Kentucky Clean Diesel Grant Project, Kentucky