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Official CARB Compliance Information

CARB Overviews and Videos

CARB On-Road Heavy-duty (In-use) Vehicle Regulation Overview (PDF) - CARB document that provides a basic description of CARB legislative requirements, potential funding opportunities and general CARB contact information.

Official CARB Verification Procedure (PDF) - Official CARB legislative document that provides a highly-detailed outline of the CARB emissions verification process.

FAQs: Small Fleet Extension - Truck & Bus Regulation (PDF) - Description of small fleet extension for heavier trucks, buses and other compliance options.

VIDEO: Overview of CARB Diesel Emissions Regulations - A thorough and informative video from CARB describing emissions compliance requirements. (56 minutes)

CARB On-Road Heavy-duty (In-use) Vehicle Regulation Overview (PDF) - Describes the CARB emissions reporting process. (61 minutes)

Video: Guide to Care and Maintenance of DPFs - A CARB overview of the factors related to regeneration, routine cleaning and maintaining the overall daily performance of DPFs.

CARB Fact Sheets

Truck & Bus Regulations - Compliance Requirements Summary- Summary of compliance requirements for vehicles above and below the 26,000lb GVWR threshold.

Reducing Emissions from Existing Diesel Vehicles - A general background from CARB on legislative mandates and general requirements. (En Espanol)

Truck & Bus Regulation Compliance Summary - A CARB overview of the background, compliance requirements and timing for various vehicles. (En Espanol)

CARB Small Fleet Compliance Options - CARB Fact Sheet discussing compliance requirement s for fleets with three or fewer vehicles.

CARB School Bus Provisions - Facts from CARB regarding the definition of a school bus and pertinent compliance provisions for school bus fleets.

CARB Agricultural Vehicle Provisions - CARB fact sheet that outline the types of vehicles that qualify as agricultural and the compliance provisions applicable to them.