Applications - Americas

On-Road: Heavy & Medium Duty Diesel

Emissions control solutions from CDTi can help you comply with stringent diesel emissions requirements while maintaining the dependability of your equipment.

CDTi offers advanced catalyst technologies for OEMs, as well as retrofit and replacement emissions solutions for equipment already in the field.

Designed based upon the interests of fleet owners and individual operators; CDTi's industry leading emissions solutions comply with stringent environmental regulations from the US Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board while providing exceptional performance and dependability across a variety of applications, including:

  • Long and short haul freight transportation
  • Municipal fleet equipment
  • Urban and school busses
  • Emergency vehicles

Our application-specific engineering approach to your application and its emission control requirements is the difference between a one-size-fits-all product and a specialized custom-fit solution - ensuring quick installation and minimal implications to your equipment's operation.

Leading OEMs around the world, including Cummins and Navistar, trust CDTi to help their new vehicles and equipment comply with emissions requirements while meeting their global strategies.

Global manufacturing and support
CDTi has global manufacturing capability and a leadership team that understands the dynamics of our customers' global vehicle strategies. We actively maintain quality certifications across our facilities - delivering the same high quality to our customers wherever they produce their vehicles or equipment.

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