Applications - Americas

On-Road: Light Duty Vehicles

Advanced emissions control technologies from CDTi enables you to design your new car or light truck to meet stringent emissions requirements and demanding customer expectations.

CDTi's award-winning emissions catalyst technologies provide OEM vehicle and equipment designers the ability to integrate advanced emissions control technologies into their new vehicles in ways that enhance dependability and customer perception of their vehicles:

Our team of catalyst engineers and emissions specialists collaborate with you and your OEM team to design emissions controls systems that are manufactured more easily, cost effectively, while still providing superior quality and consistency.

Leading OEMs around the world, including: Honda, Renault, General Motors and Ford Motor Company have trusted CDTi to help their vehicles meet emissions requirements around the world to meet their global vehicle strategies.

Global manufacturing and support
CDTi has global manufacturing capability and a leadership team that understands the dynamics of our customers' global vehicle strategies. We actively maintain quality certifications across our facilities - delivering the same high quality to our customers wherever they produce their vehicles or equipment.

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