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On-Road: Heavy Duty, Medium Duty, Light Duty & Passenger Car

Reduce emissions from Heavy Duty Diesel (HDD) and Light Duty Vehicles (LDV) to provide immediate health benefits to the local population.

Over the past decade, the world has seen steady growth in the number of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Diesel remains the dominant source of power for heavy duty diesel (HDD) trucks and is increasingly being introduced for lighter duty vehicles (LDV) and passenger cars.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), motor vehicles are responsible for nearly one half of smog-forming volatile organic compounds (VOCs), more than half of the oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions and about half of toxic air pollutant emissions in the United States. Motor vehicles, including off-road vehicles, account for 75 percent of carbon monoxide (CO) emissions nationwide.

The total vehicle miles people travel in the United States increased 178% between 1970 and 2005 and continues to increase at a rate of two to three percent each year. In the United States, there are more than 210 million cars and light duty trucks on the road.

On-road vehicles pollute the air through combustion and fuel evaporation and contribute greatly to air pollution worldwide.

The harmful components of diesel exhaust include: particulate matter (PM), CO, hydrocarbons (HC); and toxics from gasoline emissions include: CO, HC and NOx. Fortunately, these pollutants are easily reduced with current and readily available technologies - providing immediate emissions reduction and health benefits to the local population.

Because exposure increases exponentially with proximity to the source, reducing emissions with these retrofit technologies in the vicinity of people provides critical public health benefits and minimizes a person's exposure to these harmful emissions.

The combination of innovation in emission technology, along with tougher regulations, has resulted in significant reductions of harmful exhaust emissions.

Our extensively tested and governmental agency-approved technologies have contributed to this improvement. We continue to offer advanced emissions control solutions to automakers for all on-road applications, as well as with replacement and retrofit solutions for existing vehicles such as school, shuttle and urban buses; municipal, state and utility fleet vehicles; refuse trucks; and urban delivery vehicles.

These technologies include our catalysts for gasoline engines; Purifilter®, Purifilter® Plus, Purifilter® EGR, Purifier, and Combifilter® diesel particulate filters; AZ Purifier and AZ Purimuffler® diesel oxidation catalysts; and closed crankcase ventilation systems.

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