Alternative Fuel Products

Stabilize costs, reduce odors and prevent excessive temperatures while meeting emissions requirements using our three-way industrial solutions.

We design and supply products to address the emissions issues of liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gas fueled engines used in industrial applications such as forklifts, aerial platforms, etc.

We have been providing three-way catalyst emissions technology, in both integrated muffler form and catalytic converter style, to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and manufacturers of record (MORs) since the inception of the Large Spark Ignited Regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB).

In following the EPA emission rules and the California emissions regulations, we have the capability to work with MORs through initial catalyst screening, rapid prototyping, rapid aging and thorough durability analysis.

By providing turnkey solutions and leveraging cutting-edge emission control technology to reduce platinum group metals (PGMs) through a platform program, we can help you stabilize costs and cost fluctuations.

Reduce odors and prevent excessive temperatures with the CARB-Verified Two-Way Purimuffler®.

We offer a Two-Way Purimuffler® product for liquefied petroleum gas and gasoline industrial engines that meets California emissions regulations.

The Two-Way Purimuffler® product features a built-in tube, referred to as a venturi. This introduces additional air into the catalytic muffler to insure high conversion of deadly carbon monoxide (CO) and the reduction of hydrocarbon (HC) odors over the catalyst, while preventing excessive exhaust temperatures.

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