Combifilter® is an actively regenerated DPF system that typically removes over 90% of PM while reducing NO2 emissions.*

The system is comprised of electric heating elements integrated with a DPF and silencer assembly. Periodically, the system is plugged into an off-board regeneration control panel or station to energize the electric heating elements to regenerate the filter when the vehicle is not in service.


Unlike passively regenerating DPFs that rely on minimum exhaust temperature conditions to regenerate, Combifilter®-equipped engines are simply plugged-in when not in service to heat the filter to a temperature where oxygen can directly oxidize the soot.

Approved by CARB for off-road use and the MSHA, ideal applications for Combifilter® include underground coal mining, material handling, landfill, and off-road municipal fleets.

Designed for your specific application

Combifilter® is available in different configurations to fit your specific application. For details regarding regualtory approvals, please visit our verifications page or download a product flyer. To discuss your specific application, please feel free to contact us.

Combifilter Product Sheet

*Current verified technology reduction values are dependent upon the specific engine type and application.