Heavy Duty Diesel Products

Advanced diesel particulate filters to meet stringent mandates.

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are systems that filter exhaust gas flow to capture solid particulate matter (PM) — created as a byproduct of the internal combustion process. DPFs have been used as pollution control devices for both on- and off-road vehicles and equipment since the 1980s.

Experience the CDTi difference in DPFs.

CDTi offers a broad range of DPFs that combine advanced catalyst technologies with field-proven designs — providing exceptional reliability and filtration performance that either meets or exceeds the requirements of increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

  • Purifilter® - Passive regeneration delivers a trouble-free solution to your diesel emissions mandate.**
  • Purifilter® Plus - Combined active and passive filter regeneration eliminates duty cycles requirements.**
  • Purifilter® EGR - Passively regenerating filtration compatible with both EGR-equipped and non-EGR engines.**
  • Purifilter® OR - Reliable passive filtration for both EGR-equipped and non-EGR engines in off-road applications.**
  • Combifilter® - Rugged and dependable particulate filtration for severe off-road equipment applications.**
  • Cattrap® - Effective emissions control for heavy industrial, underground and mining applications.**

** Approved for use by EPA, CARB or MSHA. Please visit our verifications page for details on specific approvals by product model.

In addition to DPF units, CDTi also offers specially-designed DPF accessories for efficient DPF installation and dependable field operation.

To determine which DPF is best for your applications, please feel free to contact us.