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Catalysts for Energy Systems

Air pollution created by major industrial sources including chemical plants, oil refineries and power producers has been a major focus of environmental regulations worldwide, particularly in response to the associated health threats.

Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and E.U. European Environmental Agency (EEA) continue to implement various regulations in an effort to reduce harmful air pollutants (i.e. U.S. Clean Air Act and E.U. National Emission Ceilings Directive).

The EPA has issued rules covering over 80 categories of major industrial sources, such as chemical plants, oil refineries, aerospace manufacturers, and steel mills, as well as categories of smaller sources, such as dry cleaners. These standards are projected to reduce annual air toxics emissions by about 1.5 million tons.

Our Solution

CDTi develops and produces catalysts for use in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and carbon monoxide (CO) reduction systems, which are used to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and CO emissions from major utility plants, industrial process plants, OEMs, refineries, food processors, product manufacturers and universities.

Our customized catalysts provide design flexibility and our MPC® coating technology allows for optimal temperature operation of the plant and an overall superior system design when compared to existing technologies. We have achieved this demonstrated performance advantage by creating a catalyst using unique nanostructures with superior stability under prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

To learn more about our catalyst solutions and how they could fit with your industrial or energy system application, simply contact us.