Meet your emissions requirements with CDTi products — leveraging advanced catalyst technologies to achieve exceptional field dependability with reduced operating costs.

CDTi catalyst and emissions control products have been proven under the most severe conditions - including mining, cargo handling, industrial and stationary power generation, urban transit, school bus and other on and off-road fleets.

You can trust our emissions control products to provide emissions regulation compliance, dependability and productivity.

  • Heavy Duty Diesel Emission Control Products
    Diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts and closed crankcase ventilation systems that help reduce harmful emissions while maintaining equipment productivity.
  • Emission Catalysts
    Catalyst technologies for gasoline, diesel and energy systems applications that help you meet today's stringent emissions requirements.
  • Alternative Fuel Products
    Products addressing emissions requirements for liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gas fueled engines in industrial applications.
  • Fuel Borne Catalysts
    Our Platinum PlusŪ fuel-borne catalyst offerings improve fuel combustion to reduce emissions and enhance the performance of emission control systems. Platinum PlusŪ fuel-borne catalysts also increase fuel economy and reduce the carbon footprint of engine applications. These premium benefits are attributable to a unique combination of both in-cylinder and post-combustion effects.
  • Regulatory Approvals & Verifications
    Many of our products are approved for under the most stringent environmental regulations - including those from the US Environmental Protection Agency and California's Air Resources Board.
  • CARB and EPA Verified Retrofit Products
    Products Verified by CARB and EPA, including Diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts and closed crankcase ventilation systems.

You can rest assured that CDTi products and technologies are backed by over 35 years of emissions development, compliance and implementation experience, along with North American manufacturing quality that is supported with various ISO 9001 and TS16949 certifications.