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Engines and Pollutants

The diesel engine has a superior reliability of service and efficiency but all diesel engines, new as well as old, emit harmful pollutants because of incomplete combustion.

The diesel exhaust consists of following known pollutants:

Gaseous pollutants Solid pollutants
  • Odourless and invisible
  • Causes headache, dizziness, nausea
  • Impairs vision and manual dexterity
  • Inhalation 0.3 vol.% can kill
  • Consists of carbon (C), absorbed hydrocarbons, sulphates etc.
  • Stains on products and places
  • Causes lung diseases
  • Mutagenic and carcinogenic
  • Irritate eyes and throat
  • Cause the familiar diesel smell
  • Mutagenic and carcinogenic
  • Contribute to acid rain
  • Cause lung diseases
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is particularly poisonous

Product Range

Our product range mainly consists of diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) and diesel particulate filters (DPFs). CDTi systems are tested and approved by AVL/Motortestcenter Sweden; VERT Switzerland; TÜV Germany; and conform to the German TRGS 554 standards. The product housings are manufactured in stainless steel.

We also offer our Platinum Plus® fuel-borne catalyst products which are certified under the VERT protocol in Switzerland for use with a DPF.

Diesel oxidation catalysts

Purifier DOCs from CDTi effectively reduce the gaseous pollutants carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) and are offered in several sizes and models. The latest developed models function better at lower exhaust temperatures and the high reduction of hydrocarbons implies a certain reduction of particles. Purifier DOCs can be designed to be a direct fit replacement for the manufacturer's original muffler. They can also be combined or built into our Combifilter® particulate filter.

Diesel particulate filters

Our DPFs remove most of the particulate matter, or PM (the soot), of diesel exhaust, replace the original silencer and are available with both active (external) and passive regeneration (self regeneration).

The Unikat® Actifilter DB regenerates with a diesel burner. The system operates independent of exhaust temperature and duty cycles and is compatible with a Purifier DOC.

The well known Unikat® Combifilter® which is electrically regenerated, is available in many designs and models and of different filter materials to suit different operating conditions. The Combifilter® functions independent of exhaust temperature and duty cycles and can be combined with a PurifierDOC.

Purifier®e4 systems combine modern, durable filter hardware with a choice of catalytic technologies to suit driving styles and duty cycles. This allows operation over a much greater range of conditions compared to traditional filter solutions, especially in low-temperature applications - very typical of London-centric operators.

For vehicles running daily with tough duty cycles and thereby high exhaust temperatures, CDTi offers Purifilter®, Purifilter® EGR and Cattrap® with self regenerating filters. These DPFs are dependent upon exhaust temperatures to function.

Fuel-borne catalysts

Our Platinum Plus® fuel-borne catalyst offerings improve fuel combustion to reduce emissions and enhance the performance of emission control systems. Platinum Plus® fuel-borne catalysts also increase fuel economy and reduce the carbon footprint of engine applications. These premium benefits are attributable to a unique combination of both in-cylinder and post-combustion effects.

Other products

CDTi also offers spark arresters fully compliant with EU ATEX standards and certified to EN 1834 for use in high explosive environments.

Better products through combined technology

Technology integration is the key to our ability to meet specified demands on both a custom and a cost-effective basis. CDTi exhaust emission control systems are both effective and flexible. You can buy them as they are, or they can be configured to meet the needs of different applications.