Fuel Borne Catalysts®

Enhanced in-cylinder combustion & Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration.

Catalysts are an essential part of any emission control strategy, fuel borne catalysts (FBCs) are fuel additives containing minute amounts of organo-metallic catalysts.

We have developed a range of fuel borne catalyst products, with many of these based on our Platinum Plus® technology, to reduce harmful emissions and increase the performance of emission control devices.

A key application for FBCs is the regeneration of diesel particulate filters (DPFs). FBCs can be used as the sole method of DPF Regeneration, along with other regeneration systems, or as a problem solver for DPFs that are having regeneration issues.

Along with the core emission reduction functions, our FBC products can also improve combustion, resulting in increased engine efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

We supply FBCs to the Light Duty Aftermarket and Heavy Duty Diesel retrofit market under the Platinum Plus® & PatFluid® brands, with a range of formulations depending on application and customer requirements.


Designed as a universal replacement for FBC fluids used by various European passenger car manufacturers, PatFluid® is a cost effective and highly reliable FBC for the aftermarket.

Platinum Plus®

Platinum Plus® is our flagship FBC technology and has been extensively used with both Heavy Duty Diesel retrofit DPF systems and passenger cars equipped with DPFs. We have worked with FBCs for over 20 years and we welcome all enquiries regarding our products and technologies, please contact us for more details.