Platinum Plus®

Enhanced in-cylinder combustion.

Catalysts are an essential part of any emission control strategy. Traditionally, catalysts are used in solid-state form to treat the exhaust stream after leaving the engine. CDTi's fuel-borne catalyst approach is unique in that it brings catalytic action into the combustion chamber through the fuel to act not only in the solid state, but also in the liquid and gaseous states.

The unique three-phase catalytic action of Platinum Plus® in the engine provides three key combustion mechanisms, contributing to a new level of performance and emission control:

  • Solid state: Small amounts of the catalysts are deposited on the metal surfaces of the combustion chamber, promoting a uniform flame front by catalytic activation throughout the combustion cycle.
  • Liquid state: The uniform distribution of the catalyst within the fuel allows for a faster burn at a lower temperature. Platinum Plus® catalysts are fully fuel-soluble, rather than suspensions. In this way, using Platinum Plus® avoids the potential for inconsistent combustion from non-uniform catalyst dispersion, storage instabilities or mechanical wear or injector clogging effects.
  • Gaseous state: Canalization effects continue through the vapor phase to provide complete combustion. Our patented platinum-cerium formulations are designed to work with platinum as a highly effective oxidation initiator and the cerium co-catalyst as an efficient oxygen carrier.

The net results of enhanced in-cylinder catalytic combustion are:

  • Extended power across the entire crank angle cycle, resulting in additional available energy and improved utilization of fuel.
  • Reduced engine-out emissions (less soot, hydrocarbons, CO and CO2).

Flexible deployment

Platinum Plus® can be used with on-board dosing systems to reliably treat fuel, or can be added directly to bulk fuel for fleet operations. In dosing deployments, ultra-concentrated formulations are available to support "fit for life" type applications, minimizing or eliminating the maintenance logistics associated with an additional on-board fluid.

Additional performance and maintenance benefits of Platinum Plus:

  • Visibly improves smoke and exhaust opacity
  • Enhances fuel water shedding, lubricity and stability
  • Superior detergents work with the catalysts to help keep injectors, valves, fuel and combustion systems clean
  • Less soot build-up in lube oils can result in lower viscosity increase and reduced maintenance
  • Improves cleanliness and durability of engines operating with turbochargers and exhaust gas recirculation systems
  • European Verifications & Registrations

Platinum Plus® has been certified under the VERT protocol in Switzerland for use with a DPF. Please see our Applications & Regulations section for more detailed approval information.