Purifilter® EGR and Purifilter® OR are passively-regenerating diesel particulate filters (DPFs) that are compatible with a variety of severe applications in both on-road (Purifilter® EGR) and off-road (Purifilter® OR) equipment.


Exceptional filtration and regeneration efficiency.

Both Purifilter® models use field-proven silicon carbide filter media augmenting it with our exclusive Mixed Phase Catalyst (MPC®) technology, an upstream diesel oxidation catalyst, and highly-efficient thermal insulation.

As a result, these Purifilter® models are verified* to provide at least 85% PM reduction and highly-effective exhaust heat retention for effective regeneration performance at reduced exhaust temperatures.

Advanced features provide reliability and simplify installation.

Due to their advanced design, these DPFs minimize potential failure points and reduce unit installation time versus competitive DPFs getting your fleet equipment back to work faster and keeping it productive longer.

  • 35-80% smaller footprint than leading competitive units
  • Connections to ECMs or fuel sources are not required
  • Approved for use as a single or dual filter in horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Lower external skin temperatures

These features provide additional flexibility for unit locations offering owners and installers more options to improve the appearance and convenience of their DPF installation.

Modular design enables quick servicing.

Purifilter® EGR and Purifilter® OR are self-contained, passively-regenerating and designed to last for the life of your equipment. However, should they ever require service, their modular and accessible design enables them to be easily disassembled and their components replaced individually minimizing costly downtime.

This modular design offers significant advantages over competitive DPF units whose traditional sealed-canister designs require time-consuming removal and replacement of the entire unit including connections to ECMs and fuel sources.

To determine if Purifilter® EGR or Purifilter® OR fit your specific applications, please feel free to contact us or you can download a product flyer.

Purifilter EGR Product Sheet

*Current verified technology reduction values are dependent upon the specific Purifilter® model, engine type and application. Purifilter® EGR is verified by CARB and the EPA for on-road applications and Purifilter® OR is verified by the EPA for off-road use..