Efficient filtration offering flexibility based on your fleet's duty cycles.

Purifilter® from CDTi is an integrated diesel particulate filter and silencer, which efficiently removes particulate matter (PM) and gaseous pollutants, CO and HC.

As exhaust passes through the micro-porous filter walls, soot particles are separated and collected. At the same time, the catalytic coating oxidizes the gaseous pollutants (HC) and (CO) to carbon dioxide and water. The catalytic coating also lowers the ignition temperature of the soot to approximately 320 C and the collected soot is automatically burnt off during operation.


Purifilter® offers both passive and an optional active supplement to regeneration - depending on your application. The Purifilter® is intended for permanent mounting on vehicles and machines in heavy operation running regularly with exhaust temperatures exceeding 320 C. But for operating temperatures less than a routine 320 C, the filter can be equipped with a supplemental electrical heater to burn off collected soot. Temperature measurements should be taken if a vehicle's duty cycle is in question.

Purifilter® has been tested by AVL/MTC, Sweden; Millbrook Proving Ground, U.K.; Environment VERT, Switzerland; and conforms to TGRS 554 standards in Germany, please see our Applications & Regulations section for more detailed approval information.

Optional Purifilter features:

  • A manometer which continuously monitors the backpressure
  • A pre-catalyst reducing the ignition temperature to 280 - 300 C
  • Purifilter® Plus - electrical heaters inbuilt in the inlet section for regular regeneration of the filter on the vehicle
  • A Combiclean® station for regular maintenance and cleaning of the filter
  • Purifilter® EGR is a passively-regenerating diesel particulate filter (DPF) that is compatible with a variety of EGR-equipped vehicles as well as those without EGR systems.

Brochures for the Purifilter® system are available for download in English, Swedish, German and French.