DPF Problem Solver

Platinum Plus® DFX-DPF is a formulation designed specifically to improve the performance of diesel particulate filters.

The unique multi-mode emission reduction mechanism of Platinum Plus® is effective for DPFs installed in existing fleets and provides opportunities to lower the costs of new DPF designs. The Platinum Plus® formulation:

  • Ensures long-term durability of filter systems by replenishing catalytic activity of control devices
  • Provides the opportunity to reduce the levels of precious metals in control devices designed for the use with Platinum Plus®
  • Facilitates passive regeneration across a wider temperature range by “triggering” regeneration during temperature spikes
  • Enables full regeneration in difficult drive cycles and widens the range of applications for diesel particulate filters
  • Prevents run-away regeneration which can otherwise damage the integrity of the substrate and shorten the life of the DPF
  • Reduces emission levels of Particulate Matter (PM), Hydrocarbons (HC) Carbon Monoxide (CO) with a small reduction in NOx
  • Minimizes unscheduled maintenance and operations costs
  • Platinum Plus® fuel-borne catalysts provide energy efficiencies and CO2 reduction of 5-12%*
  • Achieves all these benefits  without increases in harmful secondary emissions, such as NO2.

* Typical in field fuel economy improvement and carbon reduction of 5-12% depending on fuel quality, engine type and application.