ARIS® Airless Return Flow System Technology

Discover an advanced reagent injection system for urea or hydrocarbons.

We have developed technology for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) using urea which is a highly effective method of reducing oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

What is Urea?

Urea is a compound created synthetically from ammonia and carbon dioxide and produced as a solid or a liquid. The advanced reagent injection system (ARIS®) technology forms a key part of the SCR system and is an advanced, computer-controlled, reagent injection system.

The ARIS® system is a single-fluid system with very few components and doesn't require compressed air. It covers a concept for injecting urea into the engine exhaust where it reacts across a catalyst to reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to nitrogen (N2) and water vapor.

We have numerous, U.S. and corresponding international patents on the use of ARIS® technology that teach how to successfully apply the proven selective catalytic reduction process for mobile applications. This transfers the learning from over 30 years of SCR use in power generation, with emission control that is sulfur tolerant and can be used with all types of fuel.

ARIS® technology:

  • Allows airless injection of reagents in challenging, high-temperature environments (such as exhaust streams), due to the unique return flow design with integral cooling;
  • Provides a compact design with precise injection control and good atomization;
  • Avoids injector clogging commonly found in non-return flow systems because of its single fluid, return flow design;
  • Eliminates the requirement, installation issues and costs of compressed air for traditional air-assisted injection due to its airless nature; and
  • Offers mobile (on-road and off-road) and stationary applications.

Our ARIS® technology applies to single-fluid system methods of control and the combination of selective catalytic reduction with exhaust gas recirculation technology (EGR). This SCR/EGR combination is preferred by industry leading vehicle manufacturers in new diesel engines to maximize NOx reduction.

ARIS® technology also provides reliable hydrocarbon (HC) injection into the exhaust stream for applications including lean NOx traps, reformer systems and diesel particulate filter active regeneration.

Effective heat removal and reliable, trouble-free fuel injection for durable exhaust emissions systems performance is a paramount consideration for designing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and retrofit solutions.

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