Platinum Plus® Technology

Experience emissions reduction with our fuel-borne catalyst technology.

We have developed our Platinum Plus® fuel borne catalyst (FBC) as a diesel fuel-soluble additive, which contains minute amounts of organo-metallic platinum and cerium catalysts.

Platinum Plus® enables rapid conversion of particulate matter (PM) from diesel engines when coupled with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). It also improves combustion which acts to reduce engine-out emissions.

This FBC takes catalytic action into engine cylinders where it improves combustion - reducing particulates, unburned hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.

Platinum Plus® FBC lends itself to a wide range of enabling solutions, including: diesel particulate filtration, low emission biodiesel, carbon reduction and exhaust emissions reduction.

When used with emission control devices, Platinum Plus® technology offers the following advantages:

  • Substantially reduces the amount of platinum required in catalytic devices
  • Creates a more active FBC - enabling systems to operate at much lower temperatures
  • Widens the range of applications for DPFs by providing full regeneration in difficult drive cycles
  • Limits emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a gas traditionally increased by heavily catalysed conventional devices
  • Improves soot conversion of emissions control devices - leading to increased soot reduction
  • Increases service life and reliability of devices by replenishing catalytic activity and reducing the risk of uncontrolled regeneration

A case study on the use of Platinum Plus® technology with DPFs can be viewed here.

We have numerous U.S. and international patents on the use of Platinum Plus® technology. Our know-how and expertise has resulted in strong product dosing and delivery strategies, multiple families of FBCs and formulation technologies, and the use of cerium-based and other FBCs when applied with catalyzed and uncatalyzed after-treatment devices.

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