SPGM™ DOC Technology

New patented proprietary technology to reduce the use of platinum group metals in diesel oxidation catalysts.

A diesel oxidation catalyst, or DOC, is a device that utilizes a chemical process in order to break down pollutants from a diesel engine in the exhaust stream, turning them into less harmful components, similar to an automobile's catalytic converter. In addition, the DOC enables critical functions of downstream components in an aftertreatment system such as the diesel particulate filter, or DPF, for particulate matter control and selective catalytic reduction, or SCR, catalyst for oxides of nitrogen, or NOx, control. DOCs are normally honeycomb-shaped configurations coated in a catalyst designed to trigger chemical reactions to reduce gaseous emissions and particulate matter.

Initial benchmarking of our new synergized-platinum group metal DOC, or SPGM™ DOC, technology shows a dramatic reduction in the amount of platinum group metal, or PGM, required in the manufacture of DOCs for light and heavy duty diesel engine applications when compared to a leading original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, catalyst product. This unique patented mixed-metal oxide chemical structure utilizes low-cost metals to synergize the activity of a small amount of PGM and allows the DOC to perform at a level equal to or above a conventional DOC that uses much higher PGM loadings.

SPGM™ DOC Technology designed to significantly reduce OEM costs on PGMs

Our SPGM™ DOC technology is designed to allow OEM, aftermarket and retrofit systems manufacturers to reduce the approximate $1.0 billion spent annually on PGMs for heavy duty diesel vehicle catalysts, while complying with ever stringent emissions regulations.

We are experts in emission control, as evidenced by our existing family of catalytic coatings featuring our MPC® technology and the process by which they are applied for customers such as Honda. Our manufacturing techniques surrounding the use of mixed-metal oxide compounds, are the result of the development and application of advanced material science by our world-class research and development team.

SPGM™ DOC technology is also expected to be a part of our powder-to-coat strategy. We are able to coat DOCs at our Oxnard, California factory and expect to provide our SPGM™ DOC technology in powder form, enabling other coaters across the globe to access this unique proprietary technology.

Our SPGM™ DOC technology has been tested on-road, at an industry-known testing facility on engine dynamometers and at an emission control systems supplier’s facility. Click here to review the initial testing results.

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